Flops on CD

Reviews by John Kenrick

(Copyright 2000, Revised 2009)

The Bakers Wife cast album coverThe album cover to The Baker's Wife – click on this thumbnail image to see a larger version.

These pages review some of the most interesting flop musicals preserved on CD. Yes, "flop" is a harsh word, but an honest one. All of these shows were commercial failures, and that's no disgrace! All careers, theatrical or otherwise, involve their share of failures. As a behind the scenes survivor of Busker Alley – among other flops – I know what I'm talking about.

Many unsuccessful musicals have achieved a "life after death" thanks to outstanding cast recordings. A few have even become cult favorites, inspiring revivals and further recordings. Theatre buffs pride themselves on knowing these scores, the lost treasures as well as the campy disasters. The links below lead to hopelessly biased reviews of the best and the worst of the unluckiest.

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