Noel Coward 101

Compiled by John Kenrick

(Copyright 2000-2003)

Sir Noel Pierce Coward "I believe in doing what I can,
In crying when I must,
In laughing when I choose."

Of all the remarkable figures who peopled the 20th Century, none was even remotely comparable to Noel Coward. Born the son of an unsuccessful piano salesman, Coward had no more than a few years of elementary school education. Even so, by early adulthood he was recognized on both sides of the Atlantic as the personification of wit and sophistication. Successful as a composer, lyricist, actor, singer, director, novelist, painter . . . small wonder friends and colleagues called him "The Master."

Noel Coward one of the premiere figures of an era that desperately needed his laughter, his charm and his genius.


This most English of Englishmen had far more than a "talent to amuse." From World War I through the 1970's, he expressed the hopes, fears and frustrations of people who saw their world hurtle through a series of wild changes. His own ability to thrive through those changes earned him yet another nickname -- "Destiny's Tot." May his songs, his writings, and his memory shine on.

John Kenrick
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